A Real-Life Escape Room In Amsterdam

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Remember how I told you that I’m really into micro-adventures these days? Well, that’s still a thing, and I’m having so much fun! Amsterdam has so much to offer in the way of random, fun things to do, and I can confidently say I’m taking full advantage of it.

Have you guys heard of real-life ‘escape rooms’ yet?

They are exactly what they sound like: inspired by video games of the same nature, a team (usually 2-6 people) is locked inside of a room in which you have to use the elements of the room to solve clues, riddles, and puzzles to escape the room within the given time limit (usually one hour.)

When I heard about these popping up in big cities in the U.S., I was instantly intrigued, and when, a few weeks later, someone started a Meet-Up for Escape Rooms in Amsterdam, I immediately signed up. It turns out there are already several Escape Rooms in Amsterdam, all with different story lines, themes, and challenges.

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The one my team (3 others who were *complete strangers* which made it even more fun) and I did was at a place called Claustrophobia and  the quest we did was called “Wake Up!” This is the storyline as posted on their website:

“Matilda’s dreams are always happy and cheerful, but this time something went wrong. Thousands of fantasies, riddles and illusions got mixed up in a mysterious and unpredictable knot, and you are trapped right in the middle of it!
Become a part of an exciting adventure full of unexpected twists, unique tasks and unusual riddles. Carefully designed setting, light and sound effects create a truly immersive atmosphere providing experience that will be difficult to forget.”

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The setting was wonderfully creepy, as it was made to look like a little girl’s bedroom, complete with disturbing dolls. There was a clock counting down from 60:00 on the wall so we always knew how much time we had left, and it would also display hints (which, admittedly, it did quite a few of) if the team was really struggling with a clue. The sequence of clues, and the technology Claustrophobia used to lead you to the next one, were seamless. Doors opened unexpectedly, lights turned on and off suddenly, keys dropped from strange places, and the challenging and stimulating tasks had our whole team scrambling around for the entire hour.

Well… not the *entire* hour. Remember how I said it was timed, that you had one hour to complete the quest and escape the room? My team succeeded! We escaped the room!


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It was unbelievably close, it was unbelievably fun, and it was unbelievably addicting.

I think my next quest will be at a place called #SaveAmsterdam. The theme? Zombies, of course. The description: “Get into the secret lab, and solve the quest, discover an anti-zombie remedy to save the city.” Sounds simple enough, right?

We shall see……


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